Certificate of Completion on COVID-19 Awareness

Sagar group of insitutions
SIPTec  congratulates Mr. Ankit Diwan(Asso.Prof.), 
Mr.Devendra Singh Lodhi (Asso.Prof.) & Ms. Khushi Malviya (Asso.Prof.) 

for getting multiple certifications in various domains Like :
1) Certificate of Completion  nCOVID-19 Awareness and Prevention conducted by Apollo MedSkills  Awareness quiz of COVID-19.

2)Certificate of appreciation BY FAHS Awareness quiz of COVID-19.

3) Certificate of Completion on COVID-19 Awareness and Management conducted by  Medvarsity in partnership with NATHEALTH & FICCI. 

4) Certificate of committment By WHo against the promotion of safety During COVID-19

5) Certificate of Achievement for completing course COVID-19: TACKLING THE  NOVEL CORONAVIRUS  
By London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and UK Public Health Rapid Support Team.